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Secretariat!   I have this book!!!!

Secretariat was the best-known and most beloved race horse of the twentieth century. In 1973 his legacy as the grearest horse of all time was pcrmanently etched into the consciousness of the world whe

Tinners Way...Son of Secretariat 1990-2017

He was very impressive to burn out the other pace horses, then hold off a powerful late run from Whitmore.

Sham…had he born in any other year he would have been a Triple Crown winner. Unfortunately he ran against Secretariat. Most people don’t know however that in 1973 both Sham and Secretariat broke the record for the fastest Kentucky Derby. Secretariat was faster by 2/5 of a second but Sham’s time was also faster than the record. Although he is usually remembered as just the horse that ran against Secretariat Sham was one hell of a horse. He gave Secretariat a run for his money

Sham, the second fastest ever. An amazing race horse without any credit. He ran the second fastest Derby and Preakness ever, behind the fastest horse in the world, Secretariat.

Jockey Ron Turcotte rides Secretariat, 99th Kentucky Derby on May 5, 1973

Jockey Ron Turcotte rides Secretariat, Kentucky Derby on May 1973

Helen Bates "Penny" Chenery Tweedy (born January 27, 1922) is an American sportswoman who bred and raced Secretariat, the 1973 winner of the Triple Crown.  I was in Lexington, KY during this time.  This lady showed the world women can be an active part of the horse racing community.  OBTW - She is the breeder of Secretariat and through his racing she saved Meadow Brook Farms.

Penny Chenery Tweedy (born January is an American sportswoman who owned and raced Secretariat, the 1973 winner of the Triple Crown. I recommend that every girl/woman watch the movie "Secretariat". She believed in herself when no one else did.