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Did you know that skipping the mayo on your next sandwich could actually help millions of people?

Mudslides have shaken Colorado and Leslie Nichols (featured in 'A Place at the Table') has suffered tremendously. Here's how you can help. Just as Leslie Nichols has given so selflessly to her community, at this time of tragedy let’s show our support and give back to her family.

6 Essential Facts About How the Farm Bill Helps Hungry Americans

For the first time in American history, the federal government looks to cut our nation's food waste by 45 billion pounds

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There's a hidden crisis in the military, and it's not what you think it is.

SNAP cuts? What SNAP cuts? This governor is gaming the Farm Bill and it's kind of awesome.

Kids Say Commercials Make Them Pester Parents for Junk Food

Learn about hunger and have fun while doing so! Play our "Hungry to Get By" game!

This just in—Anti-hunger groups are rejecting #SNAP cuts in the new #FarmBill. For good reason.