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Oliver Tressilian, a Cornish gentleman, is blessed with 'youth, wealth, and good digestion'. He is betrayed by his half-brother and becomes a renegade and Barbary corsair winning the title of Sakr-el-Bahr - hawk of the sea. This is the thrilling, full-blooded adventure of how a man wronged became the scourge of the Mediterranean and the terror of Christians...

neil-gaiman: A new edition is coming out - the first US hardcover edition in 14 years. It will have three new illustrations by Charles Vess in it. He’s doing them now. It will not look new.

EDEBİYAT SEVERLERİN GEZMESİ GEREKEN 50 MEKAN Franz Kafka’nın Mezarı – Yeni Yahudi Mezarlığı, Prag #FranzKafka #Grave