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Coyote and prairie dog can be a bane to agriculture producers, but they are also part of a group of animals that provide extended hunting opportunities in South Dakota.

One of two Arctic Fox pups at The Aquarium of the Pacific.The two brothers who are just six-weeks old and can be viewed at the Aquarium’s Molina Animal Care Center. The animals were born at a facility in the mid west and have made Long Beach their new home. Robin Riggs Native Americans and Pioneers in the Mid-West used buffalo chips as fire fuel. Himalayan kingdoms and all over the world use dried cattle/yak dung for fuel. Rice boiled over a yak dung fire has a special aroma.  The methane gas produced by human and animal excrement are being processed and bottled for domestic use in many Andean countries. Sure a gas cylinder like that could be explosive if miss handled.  Good question mind…

from ScienceDaily

First evidence of deep-sea animals ingesting microplastics

Scientists working in the mid-Atlantic and south-west Indian Ocean have found evidence of microfibers ingested by deep sea animals including hermit crabs, squat lobsters and sea cucumbers, revealing for the first time the ...