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Cityfan, il progetto con cui è nata la mia passione per i Social Media

Cityfan, il progetto con cui è nata la mia passione per i Social Media

Social Media Explained through Coffee

Las redes sociales explicadas con café ~ Social media explained with coffee

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Andy D Annandale-Johnston added 500 new photos to the album: Funny Photos/Photos I Like

Repeated surveillance abuse by the CIA, violates the law and the Constitution. In spite of repeated slap-downs by Congress and Federal Courts, the CIA (and their counterparts) has belligerently increased surveillance instead of obeying the law. In short, the Intel community in the U.S. has gone rogue. It is uncontrollable, has a mind and agenda of its own, and has no intent of changing. This is a must-read story.

Under the law that created the CIA in there was a bright line barring the agency from spying on Americans… partly over concerns about civil liberties, privacy and political Continue Reading →

Inside Banker

funny face I love you.funny face i need have the sweetest face i've ever seen.

Water vs. Internet: People are so addicted to the internet nowadays. Although this picture is very extreme saying that people would sacrifice water for internet in the dessert, it is just a metaphor that people are so consumed with technology. It is now almost considered an essential in life.

iFunny Photo - Funny Picture, Funny Image, Funny Photo, Funny Pic: Internet or Water !

This is genius! They should have it in America too! <-- i totally laughed at that

Only In The Netherlands

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 95 Pics. Post it on the outside once you are safe. "In case of fire, please leave the building before posting it on social media"

Curiosidades de la Vida

What Social Networking Looks Like in Real Life. Do you remember what life was like before social media? vintage social networking March 2013 by Wrong Hands

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"The Far Side" by Gary Larson.

Your ass...It's on backwards...

Funny pictures about Body type: Reversible. Oh, and cool pics about Body type: Reversible. Also, Body type: Reversible photos.