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Surrender of the German submarine U-889 off Shelburne, Nova Scotia, May 13, 1945.

from Rebecca K. Reynolds

We've Got to Stop Scaring Our Kids to Death

We've Got to Stop Scaring Our Kids to Death — Rebecca K. Reynolds

View from St Paul’s Cathedral, 1942

BRITISH ARMY NORMANDY 1944 (B 6045) A Loyd carrier and 6-pdr anti-tank gun of the Durham Light Infantry, 49th (West Riding) Division parked alongside a knocked-out German Panther tank during Operation 'Epsom', 27 June 1944.

GerIta- I wonder who they're facing...<<< Maybe Steve ?<<<< NOT STEVE!! ;-;

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1945: Broken Bridge

April 7, 1945: The Hohenzollern Bridge over the Rhine in Cologne, Germany in ruins at the end of World War II. Margaret Bourke-White / Getty Images

WWI, 1916, Verdun. Fort de Souville, destroyed by German artillery. Autochrome lumière. Photo: Jules Gervais-Courtellemont

WW2 German Submarine pens Lorient Brittany France

Wedding rings of Holocaust victims. Just remember, this cannot be all of them. Each of these rings belonged to a person who had a family, a person they loved. This is one of the most haunting things I've ever seen.