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1959 Dallas 'Tuxedo' Designed by Dick Sadleir, with woodwork by Stuart Darkins (provider of early Vox Guitars' woodwork), this early example is fitted with an Elpico Pickup mounted on wooden plinth (more commonly, later examples were fitted with electrics supplied by Henry Weill)


Dallas Tuxedo bass from late 1959

Dallas Tuxedo bass from late 1959

Hohner Holborn (1963) There is some doubt as to who actually made it -either Fenton Weill or Stuart Darkins furniture workshop (who made early Vox and Dallas guitars)

Burns-Weill 'Fenton' - 1958 an early example and could be viewed as the 'missing link' between the similarly-shaped, Ike Isaacs-derived Burns-Weill and the Burns-Weill range proper, introduced around May 1959. Henry Weill's involvement is confirmed by the scratchplate, but the pickups (presumably original) are actually Besson-branded units intended for acoustic guitar use, rather than Weill-made single-coils.

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