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Niall Horan..

The adorable Baby Lux; luckiest little girl in the world :) Click through to write a message to Lux maybe she'll read it when she's older. All best wishes to you Lux from

A baby, who's not even a singer or anything but is just one direction's hair stylist's daughter and is quite close to harry has more followers then a member of the wanted. What can I say, they suck #SorryNotSorry

Lux is more popular than the wanted. 😂😂 I love Lux :)

One Direction | Made In The A.M. | I'm so excited for this album! Words can't even explain how excited I am!

I am obsessed with this album! My fave songs are never enough and if I could fly! comment down below what your fave song from the album are!

accurate >>> I laugh at all of you who would think such a thing<< I always reply of course it's Harry Styles what did ya even think? haha

How can I have a boyfriend when I'm obsessed with the boys? There's literally no time

True heroes

This Is Us: Teenage Dirtbag < My FAVORITE part of then entire movie ------ fuuuuuck they are so hot i love them

Poor li... It's okayyy^^ Man has he grown up! Now he talked about his underwear and his manhood like its nothing!

daddy direction was sagging(; its okay though, cuz hes just too damn sexy to be mad at ♥