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This Infographic is a Complete Guide to Photography for Beginners

This Infographic is a Complete Guide to Photography for Beginners

If you are beginner to photography and you want to learn fundamentals about how to take photos, this infographic will be very useful to you. Katchup team clearly illustrated about basic settings in camera, exposure, composition, depth of field and more...

49 Funny Pictures for Today

Giving this pen to someone who is writing a check <-- that's the evilest thing I can think of.

Did you do any good in the world today... If there's one phrase that I am constantly asking myself it's that one. Sadly the answer more often than not is usually no. Much of what goes on in the day to day life as a photographer is to promote our own selfish pursuits. It's seems fulfilling at first but in the end it's really not. It took me a few years to find that balance. One that leaves you feeling complete in your life & career but more important like you lived for something greater than…

"Pet-A-Palooza" I viewed the contest. This contest couldn't be simpler. Take a picture of your pet and submit it to be considered to win! This week, KONG staffers will be voting on our three favorite photos. There's no limit on entries so feel free to submit all of your best pics! Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, February 24. We will announce the winner on Monday, February 25, on Facebook.

Gotta snap a picture for proof that your kitchen was actually clean for 5 minutes before your kiddos trash it 😂 Am I right mamas!?!? And I'm SO in love with my runner I got for under our bar stools 💙 just feels like it's finally complete