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In pictures: Top 20 Hubble Space Telescope images

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What a beautiful image. It speaks volumes not only of space, but of the wonders and beauty of our universe. It speaks to our uncanny ability for awe.

The Helix nebula, also known as the Eye of God

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Pillars of Star Formation Art Print by Starstuff

I love thinking about space and the galaxy. I like to think that there may be other living things out there thinking about us...

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These Are The Most Jaw-Dropping Space Photos Of The Year

The Mirrored Night Sky by Xiaohua Zhao (China) An enthralled stargazer is immersed in the stars as the luminous purple sky is mirrored in the thin sheet of water across the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.


Pictures of the day: 13 February 2013

Photographer Thomas O'Brien captured this self-portrait under the Milky Way at Great Basin National Park in Nevada

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A source of inspiration

The cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite

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New forensic technique for estimating time of death by checking

Beautiful Nebula out there somewhere, the web page did not have searchable knowledge of this photo.