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rhubarbes: “ Holuhraun eruption by Fredrik Holm.se) More Landscapes here.

Designer Kukil Han imagines a go-anywhere solution for providing aid to victims of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. The Mobile Hospital could

This is the Mobile Hospital, a container that expands into a medical structure three times its original size, created by designer Kukil Han. The structure can carry the beds, supplies, and has the …

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The Hudson River swells and rises over the banks of the Hoboken, N., waterfront as Hurricane Sandy approaches on Monday, Oct. Hurricane Sandy continued on its path Monday, forcing the shut

to be a rock and not to roll... Dolomites

to be a rock and not to roll.

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Think mini-ferris wheel. made of lantern boxes. Could just fill thin-walled boxes with tea light candles. An awesome light idea for the backyard.

Godzilla - It was goooooddd...This movie is all about Godzilla being the new kind of superhero..He rise to restore balance and kill evil monsters who wanted to make earth their nesting place...But, the fighting scene between the monsters are too soon. And the acting from the human side are not good enough for Godzilla. They're just there with nothing special. 4/5

Get A Sneak Peak of Marvel's New Avengers In Godzilla Trailer