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Charts - ... at least try the whole ~mindfulness~ thing. It could really work for you.
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26 Charts That Will Actually Make You A Happier Person

Charts - ... at least try the whole ~mindfulness~ thing. It could really work for you.

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National Home Show Highlights

Shade. I like the shades for privacy. Fence walls can only be but this allows for further privacy from nosy neighbors

From Get more Tiny Buddha:

It is only because you are made of pure Knowing itself, that you are able to know anything, such as a mind, body or world. If, instead of shining your light of Knowing upon any object, you shine it back upon itself, it's eternal, infinite and innately peaceful nature will gradually or suddenly reveal itself to itself, and in time everything will be revealed as that alone.-Rupert Spira

Until we have met the demons in ourselves....Marianne Williamson ☀️❤️

Dije de Buda en flor de loto Toda la paz e iluminación que significa Buda inmerso en una flor de loto de siete pétalos con los colores conforman tus chakras principales. Meditación encuentro con el Ser equilibrio a través de los colores. #kelandklotusflower #zen #buddha #buddhism #budismo #Buda #masquejoyas #chromotherapy #cromoterapia #pendant #yogajwelry #yogaccs #talentovenezolano #disenovenezolano #handcraftedjewelry #handmadejewels #hechoamano #hechoenvenezuela #artisanjewelry…

Satsang is the encounter with the Truth the encounter with your Divine Nature and here we have this investigation of what really matters. Here we are before this silence ...the finding of this Silence. Truth is what we are not what with which we identify ourselves in this illusory experience this dual experience - "I and the world."So the relationship between consciousness - that is what perceives - and what is perceived in fact is an illusion.The body the mind and the world as any…