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Senz Umbrella - easily slices through wind due to its aerodynamic design. Should have this now living in the "windy city".

a dutch masterpiece.

best hair dryer ever

Funny pictures about Badass hair dryer. Oh, and cool pics about Badass hair dryer. Also, Badass hair dryer.

I Could Eat A Horse

I Could Eat A Horse by Reykjavik Corner Store >> Spaghetti Measuring tool! Who knew this existed? Small, adult and family cooking guide

Психолог онлайн. "Психология личного пространства" http://psychologieshomo.ru…

ceramic coffee cups with music decorations --Treble clef handle, guitar handle, music note decorations

Cuckoo clocks often bring to mind, well, the cuckoo. The mainstay in that crazy aunty or neighbour’s living room, childhood memories may evoke a touch of the

33 Unique Cuckoo Clocks That Go Great With Modern Decor

Ufficio sospeso

In Suspense. Bring new energy and surprise to family dinners with the "Swing Table" by Duffy London. The eight-person outdoor dining room is supported by four posters, allowing diners to swing at the table.

Nope! It's a daily struggle, especially in total joint cases with hoods &  batteries clipped in my pocket!

We know everyone's underwear of choice each day (Vet Tech Humor)

Laptop bed desk tray

Admit it... on

Ergonomic Laptop Stand-Slash-Tray perfect for those who like to work in bed or must stay in bed due to a medical reason.