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The many faces of African tribes

A kind and lovely face. The images capture their traditional dress. Photographer John Kenny Repinned from Alison Morgan

A world away from Rio’s beaches: The amazing images of Amazon tribe that you can only get to by boat from city where England will play first World Cup game

Tribeswomen: 'I travelled by boat to reach the tribe who still honour their traditional roots and customs,' said Mr Lazar. Above, two tribes...

They look extremely heavy, but those neck rings are awesome. At least she can remove them! Desert Dreamer, Johannesburg South Africa

Sarah T. Wolf (Spokane, WA) Photographed December 2002, Southern Ethiopia Wolf, an overland adventure expedition leader in Africa, says this "adorable Hamer child [was] showing off" in the remote tribal areas of Ethiopia's Omo Valley. "His sparkle and charm captured my heart."

Facing Uncertainty: Photographic portraits from Kenya

Growing up among the Maasai in Kenya, James tells Ashley that he was the "short, ugly one" in the tribe, as his brothers there were so much more handsome. A truly gorgeous people.

Humanity's beauty #oneness #heart #humanity #people. Africa | Wodaabe man ©Angela Fisher Carol Beckwith