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Dinge en Goete (Things and Stuff): This Day in World War 1 History: SEPTEMBER 15, 1914 : FIRST TRENCHES ARE DUG ON THE WESTERN FRONT

In the wake of the Battle of the Marne—during which Allied troops halted the steady German push through Belgium and France that had .

Map of The Battle of Ligny, preceding Waterloo by two days.  The Prussians were forced to retreat. Field Marshal Blucher, the commander of the Prussian army, retreated towards Wavre, so as to be headed towards Waterloo, thus helping Wellington.  As it turned out, it was a decisive move, as he was able to not only occupy 33,000 pursuing French, but also fall upon the French right flank at Waterloo.

Battle of Ligny 1815 : Napoleon : Blucher : Schlacht : Bataille

The insignia and outlines of the 40 US Army Divisions that served during World War I.

US Army Divisions in World War I

Colour Patches of various Australian Army Units

The Australian Army History Unit is proud to make available Unit histories.

Picture made famous following its use in the 1964 BBC series 'The Great War' series.  A skeleton, its arm across its neck, of a German soldier at Beaumont Hamel. Britain lost her army of volunteers in the trench battles north of the River Somme in late 1916. Total British, French and German casualties were in the region of 1,200,000 killed, wounded or captured.

Skeleton of German Soldier at Beaumont Hamel, France, 1917

Foto's 1939-1940: Archief foto van de maand_2004

Foto's 1939-1940: Archief foto van de maand_2004

Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Anton Mussert, leider van de Nationaal- Socialistische Beweging in Nederland, tijdens een défilé van de mars van 5000 leden van de WA van de NSB op de Dam in Amsterdam. Nederland, datum onbekend [voor mei 1945].

November Anton Mussert, leader of the NSB watches, on Dam square, a parade of NSB (NSB Weerbaarheids Afdeling) members. The WA is a para-military arm of the Dutch fascist NSB party.

vintage everyday: 29 Incredible Colorized Photos of French Army During World War I

These men return from fighting the Battle of the Argonne, July 1915

LSTs unloading supplies at Leyte Gulf in October 1944.

LSTs unloading supplies at Leyte Gulf in October