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February 4: This "stranger" could flip bowls onto her head - all while on a unicycle. #FebPhotoADay

February 14: A gift with a lot of "heart" - thank you, Mom, Dad and Eric! Delicious chocolate-covered strawberries. #FebPhotoADay

February 12: Inside our closet, space is at a premium, and so we split it 50/50. It's not ready for Real Simple, but we like it. #FebPhotoADay

February 1: It may be a little overcast, but I still love my view. #FebPhotoADay

hneenmam: ﺂصدقآء فقدنآهم ، وﺂصدقآء نسونآ ، ﺂصدقآء تغيرت ﺂطبآعهم ، وﺂصدقآء مآ زآلوآ ككمآ هم ، ف يآربَ ﺂسّعد من بقي ، وﺂحفظ منَ رحل !! ‏