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5 Common Foods That Cause Bloated Stomachs and Embarrassing Flatulence: "How to Overcome Food Intolerance's and Allergies." (Diet Plans for Every Lifestyle. The Bridgeman Way to Weight Loss Book 3)

Cure Incontinence For Good: How To Deal With And Treat Incontinence Problems For Life (Cure, Treatment, Medical Condition, Medical Problem, Treat, Cures, Embarrassing Conditions, Stress, Book 1)

Smile At Your Challenges: It takes more than just going gluten-free, drinking green juice, and practicing yoga to solve your problems

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The best books for personal trainers - 10 Business & Marketing books and 10 Fitness books. The PTDC.

I use metaphor heavily and with joy, because it's the primary means of communication for me. I came across this book a few months ago, when I was prepping a project; and I highly recommend reading it. Not just for food issues -- I recommend reading it because it uses tales as I do; because it speaks to the use of metaphor, and because understanding your relationship with food can also spark your creativity into understanding your relationships with many things.

Food list for Jumpstart to Skinny by Bob Harper (2013): Very low-calorie diet for 3 weeks only – 800 calories a day for women, 1,200 calories a day for men. 40% of calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, 20% from fats. Lots of vegetables.

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