Street art

Edgar Muller, who is probably the third most popular street artist (Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever are and created this amazing picture in Michigan, USA. Titled ‘Phoenix’ by Muller. The picture was created for the City Art Gallery in August 2011

Sokak Sanatı / Sokak Sanatı

street art is really amazing. It is also called chalk art and gives you real optical illusion. See here some of the best pictures.

stunning-3d-street-art-with-chalk The Inventor and Master of 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art – Kurt Wenner

In the world of sidewalk chalk art there's Kurt Wenner, and everyone else. All have exceptional talent and tremendous vision but Kurt, the inventor and master, has such a higher degree of detail and intricacy in his pieces.

Vera Bugatti@Caravaggio (Grazie 2006)

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Sidewalk chalk art. Sarasota Fl

Sidewalk chalk art. Sarasota Fl

3D Chalk Art - Amazing Street

My street art "Cowpunching on a Jackalope" received third place in the category at the Wilhelmshaven International Street Art Festival!

Not a good place to be in - Michael Macauley - Teamed up with AfAH

Not a good place to be in - Michael Macauley - Teamed up with AfAH

Le street-art accouche de créations plus ou moins éphémères mais bien souvent accrocheuses.D’autant plus qu’il est supposé pouvoir toucher n’importe qui à ...

Purement ancrées dans la rue, ces 33 oeuvres de street art envoient du lourd !