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The Life of a Gumshoe

The Life of a Gumshoe

When I grow up I want to be.

Jack in the Box  www.CheriSpeak.com

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Civil War; Are We There Yet?  The image of a Civil War, when put in the context of today’s world is unfathomable, or so it had always been until now. There are countless individuals calling for just this thing and the truth is such that we will not be divided by North and South or left with an ocean between us and instead will be neighbor against neighbor with little more than our front doors to separate and to shield us. www.CheriSpeak.com

Civil War; Are We There Yet?

Ah-Ha-Moments.Net: Beginners Guide To Project ManagementPart 18 - Are We There Yet?

Be the Media

Be the Media

Adjust Your Settings by, Cheri Roberts

Adjust Your Settings by

12 Little-Known Ways That Television Stifles Growth - Television is a staple of almost every household in the developed world. Many kids spend more time watching TV than going…

Shame On You  www.CheriSpeak.com

Medicine Money; a Prescription for Legal Bribery

Dad - fatherhood quotes - father quotes - single mom - life of a single mother

cold war kids - against privacy  "We don't gamble  We don't do the stock exchange  We paint paintings  We write scenes for the stage"

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