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#whales YAY! The International Court of Justice has ruled that Japan cease whaling in the Antarctic, 12 votes to four.

Photo of shark breaking through the water wins underwater competition

Graceful: South African Geo Cloete won a gold medal in the 'shots above the surface' category when he snapped a school of dolphins Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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BREAKING NEWS ~The International Court of Justice has ruled that Japan cease Whaling in the Antarctic , 12 votes to four .

Sockeye Salmon, Sockeye Salmon Pictures, Sockeye Salmon Facts

Sockeye salmon en route to spawning grounds . Sea-going sockeyes have silver flanks with black speckles and a bluish top, giving them their "blueback" name. However, as they return upriver to their spawning grounds, their bodies turn bright red and their heads take on a greenish color. Breeding-age males have a distinctive look, developing a humped back and hooked jaws filled with tiny, easily visible teeth. Males and females both die within a few weeks after spawning.

Dolphin Kisses a Dog on a Boat & Then Jumps for Joy

OneWorldOneOcean has posted this clip of a dolphin going up to a boat, being instructed to give the dog onboard a “kiss” and then, jumping high out of the water. Although that smooching…