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The Marula is a deciduous tree native to Southern and Eastern Africa. Found in Africa, it follows the migratory patterns of the Bantu people. The green fruit ripens and turns yellow, the white flesh inside is succulent and has a very distinct flavor. After falling off the tree, the fruit will start to ferment and these draw in animals, like elephants and baboons, for a slightly alcoholic treat. The fruit is also used to make a popular liqueur called Amarula.

Citrus ... Creamy white blossoms of ‘Washington’ navel orange have a rich, fruity perfume that seems to float in the warm spring air. ‘Eureka’ lemon has at least some flowers nearly all year. Grow both in su

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White Tomesol - 80 days. An amazing heirloom that is bursting with fragrance and natural goodness that’s hard to beat. One of the best tomatoes I have tasted, being both sweet and rich. The cream colored fruit are beautiful, smooth and weigh about 8 ounces each. The vines set heavy yields of this rare treasure. It’s sure to become a favorite of gourmet growers, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds $2.50 for 20 seed.

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