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Kittens - age 9 days

We all know that feeling - a large lunch leaves us sprawled out on the sofa, unable to move. This juvenile red-tailed hawk was rendered immobile after eating too much. Photographer Steve Shinn managed to snap the stricken bird of prey on its back after a meal of a coot near a nature preserve in Long Beach, California. He says: 'I found this bird in a very unhawklike position looking very distressed. I called some folks who work for South Bay Wildlife Recovery. The stuffed critter was…

Britney, our Rhode Island Red Black Tail

Izzy our Siamese

Loxie - the last of our chickens to be stolen by Mr Fox

Cats' Chorus: Izzy meets a new neighbour for the first time. The trouble is she only speaks Siamese and the little ginger chap is a Devonian.

Goldie our White Sussex Hen

Whitney the Goldline and Loxie the Magpie, both now in Chicken Heaven

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