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#TheWinterSoldier by superherofeed x #epicshowtime

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Funny pictures with captions. funny pictures with captions animals. All about sarcasm.

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En Sabah Nur by superherofeed x #epicshowtime

Mystique, Magneto and that big, bad villain are projected to trounce every other movie out there with 'X-Men: Apocalypse' for one of the biggest opening weekends this summer.

WHICH MARVEL AVENGERS CHARACTER ARE YOU? #MBTI #Personality #16Personalities #Blog #Marvel #Avengers

Deleted storyboard scene from Captain America: Civil War gives vital insight on why Black Widow switched sides.

Jason Todd's Robin costume in Batman v Superman

A better picture of Jason Todd’s Robin suit from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

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Pray for Deadpool, people. I said fucking pray you worthless bastards from hell! Have a nice day in the land of chimichanga!