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In a decade or so I would love all of this

To add to your bucket list. I've done gingerbread house and laid in the road for about a second cuz a car came:/

Did this and it was amazing!

Spontaneous road trip with no destination. Would love to do this and just forget the world and live in the moment<<< just go with your best friends!

See the Eiffel Tower.

[ ] Eiffel Tower ~ I can half check this off. I have seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris,Texas! I have seen the Eiffel Tower at Paris Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All our family names are carved in the first banyan tree to the left of the Honolulu Zoo.  We have gone back to add new names as the family has grown and now those children are growing up and are visiting this tree on their own and adding more names of their children.  It's like "our" tree of life <3

carving our names in a special spot we can always go back to :)

So far: 1 Ohio, 2 Kentucky, 3 Virginia 4. West Virginia. 5 North Carolina. 6 South Carolina. 7 Georgia. 8 Florida. 9 Texas. 10 Indiana. 11 Illinois. 12 Missouri. 13 Tennessee. 14 Hawaii. 15 Nevada. 16 Alabama. 17 Mississippi, 18. New York.

Bucket list ❤ so far i got: Alaska Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Kentucky Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia 29 to go!

Creating a travel bucket list

Go sky diving. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.