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Under water.... I've always wanted to do this! Have like a room or hallway underwater and swim through it! Amazing

The exhibition divides the works of art into four overriding themes: People and Place, Performing the Self, Re-imagining the Body, and History and Memory. Still photographs, video and projections were displayed alongside one another, breaking away from the usual separation of media. The layout of the exhibition evoked the energy and claustrophobia of the Chinese metropolis, with glimpses of bright neon and projections through apertures in the structure.

How to Create Motion in Still Photographs Using the Parallax Effect

London-based artist and Make Productions founder Joe Fellows talks about how he creates motion in still photographs using the parallax effect in this video feature by The Creators Project. Joe also…

Sex: Bowie Doesn't Care

David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes (1980). Pierrot is a stock character of pantomime and Commedia dell'Arte whose origins are in the late 17th-century Italian troupe of players performing in Paris and known as the Comédie-Italienne; the name is a hypocorism of Pierre (Peter), via the suffix -ot.

Water portrait by Bill Viola. Stills from a moving image which shows the movement of the water. Three prominent colours (blue, skin-colour and brown) which creates a simplistic effect, focusing on the movement of the water and facial expressions.