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Jesus Inside, Out

The Bible talks A LOT about Jesus... He is above us, in us, around us... We are buried in Him and born in Him... We are His Body, His Bride, His Church... The Church is built On Him, By Him, For Him... So what does that mean for my identity?

Be careful what you say or even think about people, especially if you don't know them. Remember that one small bad thing you say or do, you have to justify before God one day. So think twice before being rude or judgmental or holding grudges. Just love them like you love yourself. Always be kinder than necessary!

Explain your anger - This agrees with the Bible which tells us to use self-control (cooling off period) and to bridle the tongue. By waiting awhile we are able to reason with someone who has offended us and find a peaceful solution.

God made Adam bit Noah arked Abraham split Joseph ruled Jacob fooled Bush talked Moses balked Pharaoh plagued People walked Sea divided Tablets guided Promise landed Saul freaked David peeked Prophets warned Jesus born God walked Love talked Anger crucified Hope died Love rose Spirit flamed Word spread God remained.