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How to Make Perfect-Closing Screen Doors

We'll show you how to adjust a storm door so it closes perfectly. By simply turning a screw, you can fix the door so it won't slam shut or be hard to pull closed. If you can use a screwdriver, you can fix this problem.

Home Depot: Military Discount or Discrimination? This morning I got up bright and early to head off to my local home improvement center to purchase materials for a DIY project that we are doing. After loading my cart with sod and pavers, I struggled to pull the cart up to the cash register. I am a combat veteran of Desert Storm so imagine my surprise, after the cashier and manager both denied giving me a military discount... Read more...

Hello color! We love how the dark #LARSON storm door frames the green prime door and matches the shutters for a pulled-together look. #LARSONdoors #StormDoors

Dear Incredible, Beautiful, Courageous Girl, You have been through a lot, and you have always pulled through. You are a champ at pulling through! Sure, there were some things you may have done differently given the chance, but all in all you made it through every storm, every fire, and up every mountain. When is the last time you sat down to REALLY think about how far you have come? When is the last time you listed all the things you have learned, all of the weaknesses you have…


11 Things That Take Less Than 10 Minutes To Do That Can Improve Your Whole Relationship Dynamic

How do you interact with your SO? If you guys have a good relationship dynamic, then you likely communicate well, squash arguments in a healthy way, and always make time for each other. (All good things.) But if you and your partner are strugglin' al

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