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Republican Senator James Inhofe uses a snowball as a prop to argue against the science of climate change.

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James Inhofe blames Flint water crisis on Obama’s climate agenda

Climate Skeptic Senator Burned after Snowball Stunt - Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe carried a snowball onto the Senate floor to insinuate that climate change was not real, after which Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse torched Inhofe's argument. Steve Mirsky reports. This is just pure comedy!

James Inhofe’s worst idea ever?

James Inhofe, chief Senate climate denier, has a lot of terrible ideas. But this one may be the worst ever: Require Senate confirmation for all of EPA's 10 regional administrators.

Congratulations, Voters. You Just Made This Climate Denier the Most Powerful Senator on the Environment.

Now Republicans are trying to block international climate deals

James Inhofe, the Senate's leading climate denier, is leading the charge to undermine the U.S.-China climate pact and a future Paris agreement.