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Beyond the grades...: Math Key Word Charts

I answer to many titles (wife, mother, teacher, friend.) but in reality I am just a hot mess trying to keep it all together. This is just a snippet of the fun!

Rules & Risk

Nine Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School - Forbes

Math Key Words for Problem Solving {Notebook Anchor Chart}

Math Key Words for Problem Solving {Notebook Anchor Charts}

Comparing Values, place value, 4th grade

Place Value: Numbers Through Hundred Thousands - Math Mini Pack

Beyond the grades...: Math Key Words.  Brilliant.  I love the ownership concept for the students.  If it's theirs - they want it!

Beyond the grades.: Math Key Word Charts love using add and subtract for first grade

Mrs. Sims & Ms. Mathis' 4th Grade Website has TONS of amazing anchor charts

Place value anchor chart - Wonderful! I have always used houses and streets to explain place value, now someone has made an anchor chart that I can "borrow".

50 Shades of Grades – Teacher Trap

50 Shades of Grades

Would need to adjust to our scale, but I like the idea behind this anchor chart. This could be great for standards based grading scale.

23 multiplication apps for kids because apps make multiplication learning and practice fun for kids.

23 Best Multiplication Apps for Kids

As the name suggests, this site provides links to the best multiplication apps out there. These apps include everything from drill and practice to learning new techniques with fun games. Although some of the apps require a payment, many of them are free.