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Animal Camouflage: When Survival Meets Beauty

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29 Animals No Sober God Could Have Dreamed Up

29 Fascinatingly Weird Animals From Around The World -

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The Tragic Story Of Laika The Soviet Space Dog, The First Earthling In Space

The Sad Story Of Laika, The First Animal To Orbit The Earth -

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20 Spellbinding Animal Migration Photos

One of a select few species that still migrates daily, five million jellyfish move gracefully across a lake in Palau everyday as they follow the path of the sun. The remarkable spectacle ends at night, when the jellyfish sink 45 feet below the surface and find the necessary nutrients to do it all over again the following day.

Camouflage - Bali Phasmida Phylliidae Insect (Walking Leaf)

Species of the Day: The Common Potoo (Nyctibius griseus). This peculiar nocturnal animal is designed to survive because it is one of the best camouflaged birds in the world. It spends its day resting, appearing to be part of the trunk of a tree. While at dusk it hunts large flying insects with its large mouth wide open. Photo: The Lilac Breasted Roller