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I'm convinced could teach me to build my dream house, with nothing but, foam wreaths, wine bottles and a glue gun.

Taking your bra off at the end of a super long day...

I've thought about marketing a 'Bra Rack' for just this very thing.for right at the back door. Too bad I live with 4 boys.

it just never looks the same

Me reading recipes.

:-) it's true....

yep, i should keep a pad and pen next to my bed so i can remember it in the morning


my daughter sent me this.The perfect answer to: "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" (I hated it when my mom asked me that!

Quotable Quotes, Trivia

I used to wonder what I'd like to read other people's mind

I wish it was every day :)

ahh my feelings every Friday and Saturday morning.

Pinterest has helped me become even more dissatisfied with my body, wardrobe, cooking skills, home decor and vacations than I already was.

Especially my sad wardrobe!

I'll have to use this one in the event that I need to talk my way out of a speeding ticket. Funny!

Funny Police Traffic Speed Limit Sign Joke Picture Quote - Yes officer, I did see the speed limit sign, I just didn't see you

Very funny and so true! I hate those stupid capri suns!

Qoutes ☺. ☺

I miss being a kid.running around, laughing a lot, and someone else was in charge of my hair. "Hate doing my Hair!

Craft Snark: When you marry a crafter... funny, but true. So very true!!

If you marry a creative person. My husband definitely married a creative person, lol.

Things I think when scrolling Pinterest... yep, pretty much.

I would add: enough with the dumb weight loss/ working out pins. Please stop with the Jesus quotes. Yet another cute fall outfit with jeans, scarf and boots?