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hamida chaimouka — dani-wistful: Le Printemps qui s’annonce mais... via Tumblr

✽ meadow flowers

soft white ~ queen anne lace ~ white linen ~ summer hat

"I walked through a field of daisies & was in awe for they knew me well. Yesterday & the day 'fore I whistled a tune to them all. Today as I hum a lovely hymn to yellow faces bright, their petals sway in a jovial dance just for me."

She lay in the deep, sweetsmelling grass, fiddling absently with a stem of it. Gingerly, he ventured a "Hey" He paused. No response. Well, other than that she very deliberately broke the stalk in half. He wisely decided to follow suit with conversation.

Since the summer is in full effect (for at least another 3 weeks or so here in the New York area), most of you are probably spending your weekends outside, enjoying the summer sun, going the beach and staying up late into the wee hours of the night.