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Biodegradable Paper Weed Barrier - 201401---I wonder if this would break down on the paths before the season was over? If so, would work for areas where we plant and we could use the treated fabric for the paths...???

*Forsythia- you know spring has arrived when the forsythia is in bloom. I have it along the back and side of my back yard just inside the fence and it lights the place up after a cold Ohio winter.

Make More Plants from Cuttings

Taking cuttings from your favorite plants is one of the quickest -- and easiest -- ways to make more plants for free.

Tips for Growing Kale in Your Garden

Tips for Growing Kale in Your Garden including how to grow kale from seed, when to plant kale, how to transplant kale, & when and how to harvest kale plants.

17 Top Ornamental Grasses

Fiber Opticgrass An unusual tender perennial often grown as an annual, fiber opticgrass has a fine texture and low, mounding habit perfect for container gardens. Name: Isolepis cernua Growing Conditions: Full sun or part shade and moist soil Size: To 6 inches tall Zones: 10-11 (usually grown as an annual in colder Zones) Plant This Grass Because: It fits in small spaces and has an unusual appearance.