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Vegan Humor "i'm not a vegan yet and now i am pre-diabetic for no good reason. L.L."

Vegetarian Humor "i'm not a vegetarian yet and now i am pre-diabetic for no good reason.

♡vegans♡ #vegan... Although some people won't even try it...

When someone tries your vegan food

♡vegans♡ Although some people won't even try it.~wait,vegan food doesn't that's like crap? Who would have ever thunk it!

Don't forget the snacks! And guess what, we still dropping the excess fat from being non-vegan without trying. Getwidit

Sorry about the F-word there and no I am not a vegan but I have dietary restrictions and people are always like "You need wheat and dairy to live, your doctor is so wrong" and I'm like?

Vegan  @100dayswellness

Why is it always a pig in these posters. ^pigs are some of the smartest animals and theyre some of the most frequently abused

Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal cruelty. Know the truth. Please help me save the Animals

Damn straight it won't be!  ✨ #vegan  @taneeka_annice

Go VEGAN ♡<< Plants are creatures. No matter what you eat your body will be a tomb. And it's nearly impossible to actually eat no animal products, bc there's cow in everything

How Vegans Save. Want to see the impact you have as a #vegan ? Here's a fun infographic to show you. From www.flexyvegan.com

Top 10 Reasons to Go Vegan in the New Year