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''When I create figures, I inhabit them for a moment and I see myself living my emotions through them. It fascinates me... and it appears to me that this is the magic in creation'' Joan Dumouchel

The real story behind the statues.
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The real story behind the statues.

The real story behind the statues.>>>> I personally know nothing about the statues (I don't even know what's in my own area I don't leave my house) I don't what I think, but I'm passing it on

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What Color Is Your Inner Fire?

Here the different colours of the wolves represent the contrasting characters of hamlet and Horatio. Hamlet is bawdy, a leader and quick to react, whereas Horatio is a follower, thinker and quiet. the wolves also show pack mentality, which relates to the way that Hamlet and Horatio always have a plan together and are mostly together.

~Highland Cattle by Earl Reinink~ There are two farms down the road from me that have these neat creatures.

During the Women Fashion Show week in Milan from 23rd to 25th of February 2016 Superstudio13 (Via Forcella 13, Milan) will host the exhibition This Is Me Not Being You: a curatorial project with 35 photos of 7 International young... »

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A Little Armchair Travel (courtesy of Jose Jaime Araujo)

Dust if you must THIS IS ME SO ME, JUST DONT LIKE TO DUST, LOL Glad to know I am not alone!