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我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: 一步一步教你完成手作金屬材質裝飾吊燈!

Watch and learn how to craft this metallic chandelier for your next celebration ㅣ Step-by-step instructions for creating a mixed-metal decorative chandelier.

love this idea for ornaments!

line x shape x colour is all about creating and being inspired. whether it be making something, travelling to far-away lands or listening to some awesome tunes - this is a place where it all collides.

我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: 紅酒木箱,塗上色、墊上漂亮的圖案、釘在牆上,變成美麗的層架!來自美國的The Plunge Project。

DIY: box shelves + colorful wallpaper I L-O-V-E this idea.Gonna use some "boy" theme wallpaper for a few box/shelves in my kiddo's rooms!

我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: 盆栽的小花盆,也來彩繪裝點一下! 來自舊金山的The Crafted Life

Embrace the spring and summer season with this easy tutorial for making a DIY Painted Planter, care of Rachel at The Crafted Life!

我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: I Love This Home!喜歡這種一般人家的探訪,自然的生活感!

我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: I Love This Home!喜歡這種一般人家的探訪,自然的生活感!

我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: 可愛的小房子項鍊♥來自美國becky's buttons

我們看到了。我們是生活@家。: 可愛的小房子項鍊♥來自美國becky's buttons