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love for Grandchildren

I have two special grandchildren to thank for that!

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Grandma, hold me a little longer ~ rock me a little more ~ Tell me another story ~ (you've only told me four!) ~ Let me sleep on your shoulder ~ I love your happy smile ~ I'll always love you, Grandma ~ so stay with me a while. I love my grandma

What Happens at Nanas stays at Nanas

Bet the Queen has this sign at ALL her castles.



Nana's Rules Are The Best Bib in Yellow Introductory Price

Nana's Rules Are The Best! I know my boys would absolutely agree.

Father's Day The Best DADS get promoted to GRANDPAS Papa Personalized Wood Sign Shelf Blocks Primitive Country Rustic. $26.95, via Etsy.

Best DADS Fathers Grandparents Get Promoted To Grandpa PAPA Primitive Wood Sign Stacking Blocks Personalized Gift Distressed Word Blocks. *what my babies call my daddy!


Maybe we're all gorgeous grandmas in the end.

even though grandpa is not here, we still feel his presence- and this would be why it won't ever be the same. I am happy, just not whole

Consistency is where grandma and grandpa are.


Nobody Notices Sign - shop by price

:( goes by too fast!!!

Diapers & Daisies: Dear Mama, Babies Don't Keep. That will be a sad day

Boy is that the truth. Jalynn favorite way of doing it is saying "Nana I really like (fill in the blank with what ever has caught her eye)

My kids motto

Baby Shower: Girl's Art Print Prayer  Bless This Child  Pink by jeannewinters, $21.00

Baby Shower: Girl's Art Print Prayer Bless This Child Pink



My 4 Granddaughters

Special Granddaughter Oval Car Magnet

For my Beautiful Granddaughter Hayley.

This is no ordinary Grandma you're dealing with.

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