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Pair of antique Naga brass heirloom arm ornaments (probably end 19° century or early 20° century) from the Konyak Nagas (inner diam. +/- 7cm). These were valuable ancestral objects no longer in use or made. Reference: The Naga by Julian Jacobs, River Books, pag. 264 - 265 Price: on request For more information, please email

ancient Roman glass beads, 1800BC-350BC, made from pottery found by farmers in Balkh, also known as Bactria, one of the world's oldest cities, in present-day northern Afghanistan. Small glass beads and silver Berber pendants from Morocco. Carnelian, silver, and glass beads, pendants, and dangles from the Turkoman, Sindhi, and Uzbek peoples. Chinese green glass beads. Indonesian Java beads.