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For years you have accused me of things I have never done but they were things you did. You are a sick woman. You have sick fantasies and I am always your victim in those sick fantasies.

This is the cutest little thing I have ever seen!!!!! :P Awww!

The NeverEnding Story - Movie Review

The neverending story - my favorite movie back then n I remember our teacher playing it for us in class.

Monkey Pirate Ship, Nikolay Razuev on ArtStation at

When ________ saw the smoke rising from the tiny reptile's head, he placed the creature in a box and headed for the lab. **Common Core State Standards: L1, W3, W10, SL4 (uses clauses/transitions/commas, writes routinely within time frames, uses adequate volume) Lesson link: (Photo source link provided below)

Monkey king, Enforcer 12 on ArtStation at

Lions are nocturnal creatures, and are a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thought(as night is an ancient symbol of the subconscious - or dream states). The lion is considered by many ancient cultures to be a solar animal symbol, however it is primarily a nocturnal creature, conducting its hunting activity mostly at night. Further, the lioness is considered a lunar animal.This serves as a symbolic message of balance and sound judgment.