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9 pm to bed is so hard to do! Unless i have been  goin' on playing 3-4 matches of  tennis in the afternoon till nightime  as i sometimes do, it isn't so difficult. I'd be dead beat by the time i hit the bed.

10 Healthy Habits: 0 Hours of television 1 Hour of exercise 2 Liters of water 3 Cups of hot green tea 4 Short mental breaks 5 Small meals 6 AM wake up time 7 Minutes of laughter 8 Hours of sleep (at least) 9 PM end of the day and off to bed 10 Prayers of

Are you a solopreneur? If so, you will relate to these issues (and appreciate the solutions)!

5 Pressing Issues And Solutions For Solopreneurs in 2016

5 Pressing Issues For Solopreneurs In 2016 And How To Deal With Them [Infographic]

"Think positvely  exercise daily  eat healthy  work hard  stay strong  worry less  dance more  love often  be happy"

Think Positively Exercise Daily Eat Healthy Work Hard Stay Strong Worry Less Dance More Love Often Be Happy ♥ now this should be the MOTTO lol

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How to Train your brain to create lasting positive change - success habits, entrepreneur, self growth, positivity

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56 Lists To Make When You Are Feeling Down + Workbook

Love Quote & Saying Image Description Are you feeling down? Here are easy lists to make to help you be more positive! Go to www. to downloa

18 Things people do to be mentally strong.

This infographic reveals 18 things that mentally strong people (high achievers) do that low achievers don’t. These apply to fitness fanatics as well. Matters Definitely need to work on some of these things!

11 Minute-a-Day Habits That Will Make Your Life Better | eHow Extras

11 Minute-a-Day Habits That Will Make Your Life Better