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The Observer's 20 photographs of the week

What a beautiful art place this would have been, and still is. 20 Photos: A man sweeps in the earthquake-damaged Santa Ana church in Port-au-Prince

Kylti Haitian Kite Design. In remembrance of the Haiti earthquake victims. Ordering information.

The 30 Most Thought-Provoking Photos You Will Ever See

A group of Haitian amputees, victims of the 2010 earthquake, playing soccer together a year later. | The 30 Most Thought-Provoking Photos You Will Ever See

Haiti Houses. Create tiny house pins and magnets and sell them as a fundraiser to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

Even before the earthquake, Haiti was victim to rampant and widespread unemployment, with an average of two thirds of the population lacking consistent work. 'Caribbean Craft' born in 1990 by young europeans entrepreneurs saw this not as a problem but an opportunity. Tapping into the dynamic Haitian population, they found craftsmen that had inspiration and talent, paired these gifts with training and infrastructure to create nice artisan products as well as income for over 500 Haitian…

Too Many Gone Too Soon/ Haiti Earthquake Victims Tribute (Poem by Mingol... A sad day for us Haitians, for we will never forget 01/12/10 earthquake that killed so many of our brothers and sisters that day. Our hearts and thoughts will always remain with them.