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Beauty is Painful ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here: http://bit.ly/w38r4m

Funny and cute animal picture of two Charpei puppies, one wrinkled and the other with his wrinkles eliminated by clothespins. Really funny pet dog pictures.

and i would say NOOOOOO, get it done by a professional!

and i would say NOOOOOO, get it done by a professional!

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Skeptical dogs are skeptical...

Skeptical dogs are skeptical…

Funny pictures about Suspicious dogs are suspicious. Oh, and cool pics about Suspicious dogs are suspicious. Also, Suspicious dogs are suspicious photos.

I would be happy if one of my teachers do this

Some teachers are bad. Some teachers are good. Some teachers are awesome. And some are just so awesome they catapult into a whole other dimension of awesome. These are those teachers.

Hump day camel

Funny Camel Photos are looking very beautiful.Almost 2 years ago I was journey on the Camel.My father have 3 Camels for me.I do love with th.