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Owl Locket and Star Necklace by ChrissyGemmillJewels on Etsy, $58.00

Photo Locket with Feather and Herkimer by ChrissyGemmillJewels

Brass Antique Heart Padlock Double Strand by ChrissyGemmillJewels, $80.00

Mushroom Charm Necklace by ChrissyGemmillJewels on Etsy, $46.00

Owl Charm and Vintage Chain Toggle by ChrissyGemmillJewels on Etsy, $46.00

Magic Charm and Herkimer Diamond Vintage by ChrissyGemmillJewels, $58.00

One-of-a-kind lepidolite bracelet! Lepidolite is known for balancing emotions, decreasing stress and anxiety and is used for dream recollection!

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