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Thieving seagull is a print of one of Loopy Linnet's seagull textile designs. I love the original textile works like this beach hut design but also love these cute seagulls. I'd have a few of these on my walls. :)

{super cool! send i pg home for mom's to cut out, have kids color at school, frame, great gift!}Kid colors picture. Mom cuts out pretty picture on another piece of paper. Mom puts kid art behind her cut-out art. Instant artwork! A fun way to display kid's art!

Random Writing Prompts-November 2016-She was going to be late, again; the anxiety swirling her mind froze as her heel skimmed the edge of a missed step halfway down the staircase.

Instructions: Paint an 11"x14" flat canvas white & spray it with gold glitter spray. Put together the puzzle for the bottom section, spray it solid gold & use mod podge to hold it together. Spray all the loose pieces separated & then form the heart using e6000 glue or another heavy duty glue that won't dry out over time like hot glue does. Print out the words, then trace onto tracing paper.

from io9

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar

Heres a nice list of tips from Pixar, complete with an adorable picture of Doug the Dog. What more could you want on a monday morning?

If done artistically Street Art can brighten up the Drabbest Streets. I am talking about True Art not Graffiti Scribble on walls, which is just a form of Vandalism. Artist : #Ratur

StampaFe Art Stamps :: StampaFe :: Celestial :: Shooting star ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, backgrounds, stars, drawings, doodles, effects, quotes, text, scribble and saying