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The Gnostics referred to the parasites that infect human consciousness as Archons. They are tricksters who feed on our negative emotions and our negative thoughts. This manipulation of the human condition is both a part of our evolutionary process, and an attempt at trying to thwart humanity from its spiritual evolutionary course. It is important to be aware of the thought parasites' nature in order to not succumb to their manipulation. By Guest Writer Sarah Elkhaldy

from Love Has Won

New Planetary Ascension Report 04~26~16: Gaia Releases Humanity!

By RJ and Michael Silver, 04/26/2015 Higher Consciousness Update Greetings Dear Ones and Namaste,  as many lightworkers, gatekeepers, wayshowers, channellers and more have noticed an increase in energetic activity. This was due to Mother Gaia’s release of the humanity’s karmic energy. Meaning, at this energetic point, humanity has to transform these energies for themselves.  Gaia has reached her fill with Humanity’s Blatant Ignorance. Many of the Lightworkers are still continuing…

Many souls around the world today are still living much of their lives in the state of fear. It’s sad thing to see but it’s a reality that can been seen all around us. Many social, political and religious systems perpetuate the energy of fear, and such systems will continue as long as the consciousness of courage does not exist within us. Progress occurs when courage is emboldened. By Guest Writer Paul Lenda

We are magnetic/electric beings comprised of light & sound.Our purpose is to serve.Our purpose is to LIGHT!Wake up your Source Matrix, develop a practice to live in LIGHT.When our consciousness is operating from Love, Integrity,Grati tude,Humility & Truth, our Heart Seed is activated & our entire system attunes to Universal DNA capable of attuning other's to the Source Matrix, activating their Heart Seed, unleashing portals of unconditional love,sacred communication. revealing the Primal…