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Blonde Ponytail - an athlete training for a lifetime of fitness... Love this website. Great at home workouts, gym workouts, and prenatal fitness just to name a few.

Look at those arms! Run miles) 10 push-ups 20 air squats 30 full sit-ups Repeat 6 times Workout totals: 3 miles, 60 push-ups, 120 squats, and 180 sit-ups. *She has other workouts posted too!

no equipment full body circuit

No Gym, No Problem! This Circuit Workout Uses Just Your Body

Hopefully I don't plateau but this will help if I do...Top 10 Reasons You Arent Seeing Results From Exercise

Top 10 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

Hopefully I dont plateau but this will help if I do.Top 10 Reasons You Arent Seeing Results From Exercise - Life And Shape

crossfit wods

Balancing CrossFit and Running. Not that I'm a crossfitter, but love my running and my kettlebells!

Try this workout! And then pass out on your neighbor's nice green lawn. Neighbor sees drunk passed out on lawn w/stroller. Calls police. Police call CPS. Child Protective Services shows up to confiscate child and learns you were walking your new puppy...

4 CrossFit-Inspired Moves to For A Hot Post-Baby Bod

Going to need thisis-Baby-mommy crossfit inspired workout- for all my mom friends!

The Importance Of Drills

Pin for a track workout to get lean & toned. Complete these 3 circuits of this Workday Challenge!

5 Minute Abs Workout at Home! Fast & Simple for Flat Sexy Abs

Most of us do not associate strength training with women. This is because we believe that strength training exercises help people to build muscles-which women do not require. In fact, many women av.

4 moves. 5 rounds. Only need a set of dumb bells! #getafterit

Only need a set of dumb bells!


This festive time of year is full of events, activities, and travel leaving our schedules packed! That's why I created the Holiday Travel Workout that can

Kick up your workout (literally) with this Tracy Anderson move: Single-Leg Kick Back. #exercise #fitness | health.com

Lose 10 Inches in 10 Days


Dirty 30 Home Workout. No equipment 10 Exercises, 30 repetitions each Power Lunges Walking Planks Squat Jumps Push-ups Butterfly Sit-ups Split-jack lunges Plank Jacks + Knee Tuck Skiiers Sumo Squats Burpees

I can see this causing a fall...but I'd like to work up to it!  :-)

Abs-olutely Fabulous: Ab-Toning Stability Ball Workout