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Teacher Mama: How Tall is a Penguin?

How Tall is a Penguin is a series of activities that culminate in creation of life size penguins. Activities include: writing, reading, math, research and building.

We have been learning about penguins this Winter.    On top of an iceberg  all covered with snow  I saw my first penguin  I wanted to know...  Oh is it a bird?  Or is it a fish?  I looked at his feathers  and knew which was which.  I said, "Mr. Penguin...  Which species are you?"  He said, "I'm an emperor,  and not a gentoo!"  I said, "Mr. Penguin...  What's u...

Penguins at play compilation is a an amazing collection of all kinds of penguins.This theme song to the "Lots & Lots of Penguins" DVD for kids will have your.

Super site with tons of links to educational videos and activities all involving PENGUINS!!

Penguin Lesson Plans Facts Crafts Coloring Pages Lots of great penguin unit ideas & stuff.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 3 Punctuation Games for Children

Teacher Mama: 3 Punctuation Games for Children and After School Linky - Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Love this idea - re pinned would also be good for fine motor. Counting Activity Using a Geoboard from An Everyday Story Number and Letter Sequencing

New Post christmas projects for elementary students

New Post christmas projects for elementary students

-paper plate,with black paper collaged unto plate and kids face, cotton balls and pipe cleaner.