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Foxtail Palm Wodyetia bifurcata The enchanting foxtail palm is extremely popular for its perfect proportions, self-cleaning habit and full, rounded fronds. A tropical showstopper in the landscape, the foxtail is available in single or multi-trunk specimens. Its smooth gray trunk is topped with a bright green crownshaft and big tufted fronds that resemble the bushy tail of a fox.

Tampa Landscape Design Computer generated image of landscape design concept for xeriscape using native landscape plants in Tampa Florida. 813.421.1107

Macho Fern (florida-friendly), how I love thee... with philodendron (selloum), and giant bird of paradise, oh and pentas

Philodendron Selloum Layers of rich green, deeply divided leaves makes philodendron selloum the star of South Floridas tropical gardening.

A stunning garden landscape, which can easily be replicated in your garden. Curved grass path with stone or rock edges, with beautiful flowers and sculped hedges to add height and interest. For another option you could have succulents growing in between the rocks

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