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A dessert... for me. The Godfather. I prefer a single malt scotch, but give me a blended with a bit of amaretto sweetness after dinner now and then.

This edition of Cocktail Friday is coming to you live from Skiathos, Greece. Yes folks, I am actually on holiday. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the sea is sparkling invitingly in the distance and the cicadas are singing madly. Despite coming here every summer since I was a little kid, the joy...Read More »

The Irish Coffee is somewhat different to a stereotypical cocktail. The drink is served hot, made with freshly brewed coffee and is topped with thick cream.

If you’re a fan of spirits, it’s highly possible that you’ve had one or two that’ve been flavored before – even Fireball counts! – but did you know you could make your own version of cranberry-flavored vodka or jalapeño infused tequila? You can even make ‘Bathtub Gin!’ Just follow our simple guide, and you’ll be infusing your own spirits in no time!

These peach gin and tonics are looking so good! Perfect cocktail when you are out by the pool with all your girlfriends during the summer!

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