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Olympus OM-2. Objektiv: 50 mm samt 135 mm med läderfodral.  Allt original. Svensk bruksanvisning medföljer.  Check out more #cameras for sale on http://www.ibuywesell.com/en_SE/category/Cameras/396/  #Olympus #digitalcamera #camera

Simply put, this is the camera I'd recommend for anyone who has been using digital for years and is now interested in film photography.

Olympus PEN FT Half Frame ⎯ Silver

The Olympus-Pen FT is a half-frame camera that had a production run from 1966 to For those that don't know, "half-frame" mea.

Olympus OM2 poster

An original 1979 advertisement for Olympus camera. Featuring Olympus and Detailing automatic features.



Olympus OM10 OM-10 Manual Shutter Adapter Tested & Working

Olympus Manual Shutter Adapter Tested & Working In very good condition. Tested and working. Allows manual shutter settings on the Olympus SLR camera.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 12-50mm Silver Digital SLR Camera - Silver

Olympus OM-D Live MOS Interchangeable Lens Camera with Tilting OLED Touchscreen (Silver) (Electronics)

Olympus OM-1 Review (3 of 12)

Olympus OM-1 Review (3 of 12)

Olympus OM Cameras in the Spotlight

I've owned examples of many camera brands. The one I'm always drawn to is Olympus. These two, an and with winders, remain my most often used manual film cameras. My Canon EOS film cameras get the nod for autofocus shooting.